Toys R Us Will Have Exclusive Disney Infinity “Crystal” Figures

In another powerhouse move by Toys R Us, the toy store chain has just announced that it will be the exclusive retailer for a special lie of Disney Infinity figures and power discs—or at the very least, for the first few items in the “Crystal” series. These “Crystal” versions are semi-transparent versions of the regular toys, but with the added bonus of special in-game powers and features.

Toys R Us is no stranger to exclusive gaming toys. We’ve seen the store carry similar items for Skylanders, so this move continues to position the retailer as a go-to source for gaming exclusives.

The Crystal Series figures and discs give players bonus points and health when used in the game, and there will be a special area in the game where the figures can be “displayed.” The first figure released in this series will be the Lightning McQueen Infinite Crystal Series, along with a special exclusive to Toys R Us power disc for Mike’s Car. The disc will give players the in-game car of Mike Wazowski (from Monsters Inc.).

And on September 7th, all Toys R Us location in the United States will be hosting a special Power Disc Trade event from Noon until 2pm. The idea is that kids can come and exchange their Disney Infinity Power Discs with other fans, while also receiving discounts on Disney Infinity products… and presumably making the store some money in the process.


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