Take a Bite of the eShop Sandwich

A few weeks ago across the pond, Nintendo launched an ad campaign for the Wii U, in order to help promote the system. The approach uses plenty of humor to get the message across, employing the fairly well known UK comedian Rufus Hound to explain the delights of the Wii U.

The newest trailer shows off the features of the eShop, explaining it as a tasty, three-part sandwich. Does that make sense? We’re not sure. You might want to watch and be the judge of that.

The unfortunate side of the new trailer is that it appears to have been filmed some time ago, as it doesn’t include many of the recent major releases on the system—yep, the releases that were designed to help sell more systems.

That aside, the humor may work to help folks make sense of the Wii U and what it has to offer… maybe.

How’s your taste for British humor, folks?


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