Multiplayer Teaser in Sonic Lost World Trailer

Cologne is all set for Gamescom to begin on August 21st, which of course means it’s time for a slew of new trailers and game footage, to help build the excitement. One of these trailers is for the upcoming Wii U title Sonic Lost World, and this time, the trailer shows us some of the touted new features of the game.

GameSpot had the premiere for this trailer, and in the footage we have a chance to see the game’s multiplayer co-op and competitive racing aspect. In multiplayer, the secondary player helps Sonic on his way by attacking enemies and assisting in activating aspects of the level. From what we can tell in the trailer, the competitive racing is fast and furious, with one player on the GamePad.

Sonic Lost World will also have items that can be shared in the Miiverse, though exactly how that works has yet to be revealed. Presumably, we’ll learn more about that soon.


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