Nintendo’s “Finding Luigi” Mockumentary

In a marketing shift from the regular large, colourful hats and silly character antics, Nintendo of America has released a new video—a mockumentary, if you will—called Finding Luigi – Legend of Parkour. It’s a real, official production from Nintendo, and it’s very different from anything we’ve seen from them before!

The mock documentary features a number of athletes from the world of Parkour, as well as some online celebrities and a few actors, and the “plot”—or should we say, angle—of the piece is to trace the storyline of Parkour’s heroic icon: L Man. Er, Luigi.

Watch and see for yourself—learn the “history” behind the L Man’s rise to fame and sudden disappearance. So to speak…!

Honestly, it’s worth the 7 minutes of your time. Trust us.


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