NintendoFire Hits Up the Cross-Canada Tour!

This past weekend, your NintendoFire team hit up Nintendo’s Cross-Canada Tour booth at The Ex in Toronto. The enclosed booth was packed with people of all ages trying out various upcoming and/or released Wii U and 3DS games, such as LEGO City: Undercover, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pikmin 3, and Game & Wario.

Faith got her hands on a Planes demo for a few minutes, which more or less consisted of flying around and grabbing speed boosts. Not the most entertaining of demos, but then again, it probably didn’t showcase the most appealing aspects of the game.

That said, the most exciting part of our visit was the photo op—participants were invited to put on Mario & Luigi caps or hold onto plush toys and get their photo taken.

In our photo, it’s rather apparent that Micah is the only one who will survive, seeing as how he’s behind Boo… Faith is definitely toast, but at least she’ll get another shot with that 1-UP. Dave… he’s just doomed.

Check out Nintendo’s Cross-Canada tour schedule HERE and catch it wherever it shows up next!



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