PAX Prime: Pikmin 3 – First Impressions

All right, so we have to admit that this isn’t a real case of first impressions, since we’ve already seen it before at PAX East 2013—and we have a copy of the game—but we did want to comment on the setup and promotion for this title.

It’s obvious that Nintendo would really like this title to do well—it’s clear they have a passion for the series—because not only were several stations dedicated to Pikmin 3, but they’d set up a photo op area for people to pose with a few Pikmin, too (you can see one of these pictures in the first-day roundup later on!).

You’ll get to play through several sequences with this demo, including an explorable area and a timed boss battle. If this is your first time trying the game, take full advantage of the Wii remote’s abilities and have fun with it! You’ll get to navigate those Pikmin around and get them to bring things to you.

The GamePad was up for this title, unlike at PAX East, so if you tried it there (or at another convention) but didn’t have a chance to use that controller, give it a shot as it offers a slightly different experience.

As before, the game demo shows off the game’s excellent mechanics and gameplay, highly responsive controls, and a lot of the fun. You may not have a chance to really dive into the story with this particular demo (unless there are a few demos to choose from and we only got the basic one), but it’s a solid title that we highly recommend trying out.


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