PAX Prime: Nintendo-Themed Panels (Saturday)

Saturday, traditionally the busiest day of PAX, has many panels to choose from… but this time around, not many Nintendo-themed offerings. We’re anticipating the Wonderful 101 panel tomorrow, but there’s one here you may be interested in (and which may be relevant to Nintendo in the future and to present-day fans):

  • 4:30-5:30pm – Keiji Inafune: From 8-bit to Next Gen, and Beyond

“Celebrated as the “father of MegaMan”, but branded as an outspoken critic of the Japanese game industry, ex-Capcom honcho Keiji Inafune’s frank talk, controversial opinions, and—most of all—his games have made many fans (and maybe a few enemies) on both sides of the Pacific. Join us for an informal chat through Inafune’s 25 year career: where console gaming began, how it’s changed over the years, and what’s coming next—both for the industry and for Inafune himself.”

Panelists include: Keiji Inafune [CEO / Founder, Comcept]

This panel will fill up, so do arrive early if you’re planning to attend.


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