PAX Prime: Summer Carnival ’92 Recca – First Impressions

Saturday at PAX is a good day to split up the team and try out all the smaller titles, since the lines for big name releases tend to be enormous and hours (and hours and hours) long.

Now, who would have thought Nintendo would bring something like this along? A game made for a Japanese gaming festival over ten years ago? How strange that it wound up in North America after all this time.

However, it was in the Handheld Lounge—and, believe it or not, almost always open without a long wait—probably because few people knew about it or what it was.

Clearly, this isn’t the type of game for Nintendo Fire writer Faith, because it’s an NES shooter that pushed the system’s capabilities back in the day—there are fast-moving enemies on screen, and the screen is constantly blinking in and out in order to keep up with the amount of moving images.

It’s difficult to keep track of what’s happening, especially if you’re new or less experience with this type of shooter, but anyone who has played a lot of Japanese shooters will find this familiar territory. It’s the kind of game that you need to be hyper-focused on in order to avoid dying, but if you love this kind of this, a retro title in this style will be a welcome challenge and addition to your game library.

That said, it’s not surprising there weren’t tons of people waiting for this one—it’s hard, and that Game Over comes quickly!

Summer Carnival ’92 Recca will be released in North America at the end of 2013.


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