PAX Prime: Rayman Legends – First Impressions

This is another case where we didn’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time at the demo, considering its availability on the eShop, but it was worth checking out to see how the people around responded and how Nintendo is working on pitching the game to consumers.

Interestingly, the game isn’t just available at the Nintendo booth this year, but you can find the Xbox 360 version elsewhere in the Expo Hall (so we’ve heard!).

If you haven’t played this one on the Wii U yet, do check it out. The controls may be a little foreign at first, but you’ll get the hang of it! There are a few demo levels you may end up playing, such as “What the Duck?”, wherein Rayman is transformed into a duck. Why? Well, why not?

We played a few of the demo levels, and both levels provided more than enough entertainment to make us eager to play the full game. Again though, it’s not worth hanging around the Nintendo booth just for this game if you already have a Wii U at home—go home (or wait until after the weekend) and get the demo off the eShop, and try something else out.

One of the things that we’ve really enjoyed about Rayman Legends is how ridiculously amazing it looks. The level design is like graphics eye candy, looking sharp at 1080p on the Wii U, and the backdrops are detailed and perfectly suited for the cartoonish style of the characters.

Yes, we’ve waited what feels like centuries for Rayman Legends to hit the Wii U, and there have been disappointments along the way, but in this case? It was worth the wait. It allowed extra care and attention to be put into the development, and after playing the demos a few times, it’s clear that the time was necessary to make this into what just might be the best platformer to come along in the past few years.


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