PAX Prime: Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure – First Impressions

Here at Nintendo Fire, we’re fans of the Scribblenauts games. We remember playing the demo for the first game before it was released, before this website was even born. Ah, those were the days. Now, what do we have? A strange, branded version of Scribblenauts that’s going to have a hard time pleasing folks. Why? Because when you do anything with comic books and comic characters, people get a little crazy.

It really comes down to continuity and knowledge. Any game that professes to be based on DC comics characters (or Marvel, or anything that has a huge back catalogue and enormous fan base) is going to need all hands on deck when it comes to research, in order to “get it right.”

In this instalment of Scribblenauts, Maxwell (the main character of the series) travels the DC universe to help out famous comic book stars solve crimes and other various issues. If you can think of a DC comics character, they’re probably in here!

The fun part about this new game is that the developers really did everything they could to make it insanely flexible. Put the words “murderous” in front of a hero, and he’ll start beating poor Maxwell to a pulp. Put “romantic” and they’ll start acting amorous. Put “depressed” and… well, you get the idea. There’s quite a bit of novelty in seeing your favourite DC characters act completely out of… well… character!

That said, there’s not a whole lot here that’s different from the previous Scribblenauts games, other than linguistic flexibility—which has been something fans have wanted for some time now—and the fact that we’ve branded this particular game as DC. You can try your best to stump it, asking for bizarre and random characters and costumes, and remarkably? It looks like the creators have done it right this time.

Surely, someone will come along with a complaint, but until then, we’ll just be impressed. If you’re a Scribblenauts fan, this will probably appeal to you, DC comics or not. For DC fans, this will be an opportunity for you to bust out that crazy superhero knowledge you have and enjoy seeing these heroes on a small, cartoony scale.

The game will be available on September 24th in North America.


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