PAX Prime: Forced – First Impressions

More indie game goodness! But before you get your hackles raised and argue that this wasn’t on Nintendo hardware at the convention, it’s planned for release on the Wii U, so we think it’s worth telling you about.

What may draw you in initially about the game—and we heard this on the show floor—is that it looks similar to Gauntlet at first glance. (The later ones, we mean… it’s not black & green, or anything like that.) Rather, it’s a challenging RPG with your standard tropes, created in a fun way with nice environments and upgradable characters.

Forced was created by BetaDwarf, a Denmark-based company, and it was nice to see the co-founder of the company on the show floor, answering questions from booth visitors.

The demo of the game showcases the basic controls and feel for gameplay. Your basic melee move repels enemies, you have magic in the form of a floating sphere, and you can charge up a crowd control attack—which is useful in strategic moments. The sphere behind you helps you to play the game (like a wise counsellor, not a nagging spouse), and it can assist you in magic casting and springing traps. It can also be sent forward to trigger healing locations.

Progression equals rewards in the form of crystals, which you also gain by playing to the objectives. The more crystals you gather, the more abilities you unlock.

Players are able to choose from one of four professions, tailored in the familiar “Medieval-knight” style of character—you can cut through swaths of enemies slowly, or stand back and fight… you know the drill.

Overall, while there didn’t appear to be anything specifically distinctive about the game (compared to other indie RPGs in the genre), it was fun, and ultimately that’s what matters. The game will be released on October 24th of this year, so if this style of game is your thing, definitely make it a priority to check out.


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