PAX Prime: Nintendo-Themed Panels (Monday)

After the epicness of the past two days that included Keiji Inafune’s announcement of Mighty No.9, and the fantastic walkthrough of the story behind upcoming game Wonderful 101, you’re probably wondering… what next?

We’ve got good and bad news for you. While there are no Nintendo-themed panels on today, there’s an interesting-sounding panel on Three Decades of Video Game Music in the Wolfman Theatre at 1:30pm, and we suspect no discussion on video game music would be complete without mentioning Nintendo’s contribution.

Aside from that, there’s not much else that looks like it’ll draw much from Nintendo’s history in a significant way, so if you’ve been waiting to check out a few other panels or games and haven’t made it there yet this weekend, take the time to go give those a go.

Remember that there are many 3DS games to play in the Handheld Lounge, on levels 2 & 3.


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