PAX Prime: Teslagrad – First Impressions

What on earth is Teslagrad? It’s a game you’ve never heard of, but wish you had. No, really. Hear us out on this.

The game is developed by Rain, a Norwegian game development team made up of just ten people. We learned that in Norway, video games are considered a form of art (haven’t gamers been saying this for decades?) and their creation is government subsidized. How do you like that!?

So, Teslagrad is a puzzle-based platformer created by this small team of highly passionate artists, and the game is their second project. They brought along a Wii U demo version, so naturally we needed to check it out.

The game is set in a dystopian future, and you control the main character of a young boy. You journey along—on the Wii U, playing on either just the GamePad or on-screen, as you like—and surprisingly don’t have a health bar or any armor. Instead, if you’re hit by an enemy or obstacle, you’ll crumble into ash and respawn at the beginning of the area!

Hence, creativity for problem solving is a good thing, and you have a number of interesting tools at your disposal. Your character finds two gloves, one red and one blue, which can create the corresponding color of magnetic field around objects. The colors both attract and repel each other, depending, and the simplicity is deceptive—it actually becomes quite complex as you make your way through the Tesla Tower.

You also have flash boots, which allow you to zip your character across long distances through material structures—this is great for exploration, and really just a lot of fun.

The artwork in this game is something else—beautiful, soft, warm, and inviting. The atmospheric music behind your gameplay just adds to the experience, and it feels like the whole thing was really created as… oh, what’s that word again? Right. Art.

It’s not an easy game, but for players who want a challenge and to be visually inspired by how the game looks and feels, it’s definitely one to watch out for. There’s no firm release date as of yet, but the team has hinted that once they release this title, they’ll likely return to the world again in future.


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