Miiverse for 3DS “Coming Soon”

The Wii U’s Miiverse has grown by leaps and bounds since its initial introduction on the system. There have been plenty of updates, perhaps the most important of which is the web version of Miiverse. The Miiverse on Wii U and online have helped to bring Nintendo gamers together, building a sense of community around the system and the games played on it.

Previously, Nintendo has gone from hinting to confirming that we’d see the Miiverse on the 3DS (along with the Nintendo Network ID system, we suspect). Nintendo of Europe’s Business Development Manager, Ed Valiente, spoke today at The Indie Games Collective event in London (UK) and revealed some exciting news: the Miiverse will be heading “soon” to the 3DS handheld system. And by “soon”, Nintendo has confirmed that means “in 2013.”

In the meantime, we’ll see apps for smartphones, instead of having to use an internet browser to access the Miiverse.

Making Miiverse available on multiple devices would open up the doors for cross-compatibility for multiple devices—how would you like to bring your Mii from your 3DS to your phone to your Wii U? There’s a lot of potential here, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out in the near future.


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