Pokémon Company Sweepstakes Returns

If you’re a fan of the hunt for digital creatures, you’ve probably been paying close attention to what’s been coming down the line from The Pokémon Company in recent days. They’ve been teasing fans leading toward a special announcement, and now it’s here! Whether it’s what you’ve been waiting for or not is another thing entirely.

The company has re-launched their “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” promo, for the United States only (Canada isn’t included this time, or anywhere else for that matter). The promotion is basically a hunt for prizes, where participants watch videos in search of clues and codes in order to be entered into a sweepstakes draw.

To begin, participants need to register and pass the first test, and each week will present a new set of clues, challenges, and prizes. The promotional campaign will run for four weeks, with the final instalment on October 12th—which also happens to be the release day for Pokémon X & Y.

Watch the first video below very closely, and you can get started in this contest! Look for a six-character code, and use it to register on the official website.

And here’s a list of the prizes that you’ll be hunting around to win each week:

–          One (1) Nintendo 3DS Handheld Gaming System

–          Four (4) Pokémon X Nintendo 3DS Game Download Codes

–          Four (4) Pokémon Y Nintendo 3DS Game Download Codes

–          Nine (9) Pokémon Trading Card + Figure Box, three designs

–          Sixteen (16) Pokémon Plush Toys, four character varieties

–          Twenty (20) Black & White 2 Official Pokédex & Guide

Get out there and get hunting!


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