Wonder Flick’s New Gameplay Trailer

Recently, we all learned that Level-5’s newest large-scale project would be an RPG title for the Wii U (and the PS3 / PS4 / Xbox One / PS Vita). The game, titled Wonder Flick, will be released in Japan in 2014 and will have multi-platform connectivity.

The game will connect to smartphones and tablets through a mobile app, with Akihiro Hino of Level-5 explaining that the link “goes beyond the traditional boundaries of apps,” allowing Wonder Flick to become the type of game that “tries to pursue what makes traditional RPGs fun.”

And now we have a trailer for the PS4 version—sadly not the Wii U edition as of yet—so you can take a look at the gameplay from this title. We’re assuming things will be more or less the same on the Wii U, so this should at least let you know if you’re enticed by the prospect of Wonder Flick or if you should let it drop off your radar.


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