Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the Wii U?

One of the standout titles for the 3DS this year was Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and if you haven’t had a chance to play yet, we recommend heading over to our review and giving it a look. And then go play the game. That said, those of us who played it here at Nintendo Fire did speculate on its potential for the Wii U, but the window of opportunity seemed to have passed.

Or so we thought! American retailer has listed a Wii U version of this game on their website, with a release date of December 31st at the end of this year. Now, this may not mean anything at all—mistakes do happen, and sometimes retailers list things that don’t actually exist—but Newegg replied to an inquiry by Nintendo News, saying:

“We have listed all the applicable information from the manufacturers on the website. All the information you see on comes directly from the manufacturer. We guarantee the information provided on our website. All the information on the item page is from the manufacturer and we do guarantee that information.”

Despite the redundancies in the statement,’s insistence does seem a little bit like it protesteth too much, and it’s strange that we haven’t heard anything official from Nintendo as of yet.

But… maybe knows something we all don’t, and has just jumped the gun on letting the world know. We’ll keep our noses to the ground for more on this developing story!


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