Don’t Break Your 2DS

When the 2DS was announced, it became immediately apparent that the console was meant as an option for little hands—the kind of little hands that break screens and hinges, such as the kind found on the 3DS.

Since its release, reports have come in on the console’s toughness and durability, but like any piece of technology that the internet gets its hands on—or that kids get their hands on—it isn’t completely indestructible.

The 2DS still has screens, and those little suckers are definitely breakable. One member of the community on Destructoid did crack a screen on the 2DS, and because physical damage isn’t covered by the device’s warranty, he asked Nintendo of America for the repair cost.

The response? $65 + shipping, which is about half the cost of a new 2DS system. Yes, hardware repair can get costly, but at half the cost of a new unit, all we can say is… be careful with your 2DS systems, people!


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