ESRB Error Removed Zombie Blaster

Remember that time when Zombie Blaster seemed so bad, it got removed from the eShop? Yeah. That was great. It was also yesterday.

Well, it turns out that Enjoy Gaming’s DSiWare title disappeared from the eShop for far less amusing reasons. The game disappeared because of an issue with the title’s ESRB rating. According to Nintendo News, Enjoy Gaming commented that:

“It was removed due to an error in the ESRB rating embedded in the code. ESRB re rated the game as Teen with descriptors and Nintendo took the product out of eShop because the parental controls were then wrong. The code has now been altered and resubmitted to Nintendo for their normal checks before it will be re released on eShop in the not too distant future.”

Please note, zombie fans, that the code of the game has only been altered in regards to the ESRB rating. Nothing else. So, we don’t suggest holding onto too much hope that the game itself will see any improvement.

The whole thing seems rather anti-climactic, doesn’t it?


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