Live Orchestration in Super Mario 3D World

Anyone who’s had a chance to get their paws on a demo version of Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U has undoubtedly noticed that there’s something very special about the game… the music, which sounds orchestrated in some way.

However, until now, no one had been quite sure whether this was synthesized or real—does it matter, if it sounds great?—but we think the new tracks suit the game and fit well with the recognizable retro musical themes.

And now, confirmation has come down the line from the game’s lead composer Mahito Yokota, who confirmed the presence of orchestral music in an interview with Destructoid:

“There are naturally a lot of tracks performed live. We’re arranging the music with a big-band feel, taking advantage of a full horn section with trumpets and saxophones.”

Fans of the musical score in Super Mario Galaxy should be clapping their hands in glee over this one, as the game arguably featured the best music from a Mario game in the plumber’s game history.

Who knows—maybe we’ll see a soundtrack for Super Mario 3D World in Club Nintendo one of these days!


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