Goodbye, Nintendo Land…

The downloadable version, that is.

At the beginning of the month, we learned that Nintendo of America shopped the cost of launch title Nintendo Land in half, bringing it to a reasonably $29.99 on the eShop. Now that Wii U bundles don’t include Nintendo Land (other games are being included in bundles these days), it seemed like a good strategy to get the game to folks who don’t have it yet.

But in a strange change of heart, it appears that Nintendo has actually now removed Nintendo Land from the eShop in North America. It’s been gone for a few days now, and while nothing has changed anywhere else as far as we know (in Europe, it’s still available for download at full price), the game is currently only available on store shelves at the discounted price.

If Nintendo is trying to push physical sales of the game, that’s one thing, but it’s a little odd to have it happen in a year when Nintendo has driven up the amount of downloaded copies of their games on purpose.

Either way, if we hear more, we’ll let you know. But in the meantime, if this was one of the games you were hoping to pick up, you’ll have to head out to your local shop and actually talk to another human being to do so.


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