The Wii U’s Name Gets Addressed in This Commercial

There has been much speculation since the release of the Wii U that the console’s name might have something to do with poor sales, as critics have pointed out (loudly) that the Wii U name doesn’t deviate far enough from the name of the Wii. This apparently has caused some people to believe that the Wii U is simply a periphery they can add onto their Wii system.

In this commercial, one of the children imitates his mother, saying “We already have a Wii, sweety-kins,” and the other child responds with a pitch that the “Wii U’s a total upgrade, mother!”

This is part of Nintendo’s series of humorous commercials featuring children “pitching” the Wii U to their parents through presentations, diagrams, and so forth. In this particular commercial, the games Super Mario World 3D, Rayman Legends, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD are highlighted.

It’s good to see Nintendo taking some ownership over the issue of the name—finally—despite even recently in August, Reggie Fils-Aime boldly claiming that the Wii U’s name isn’t the issue for poor sales.

Naturally, time will tell—the holiday season especially—whether these efforts to clear up name confusion will make a difference for the console.


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