Nintendo of America Authorized for Takeoff

Just when you thought Nintendo couldn’t get any weirder (actually, did you? Because if you’ve played any Nintendo games, nothing should surprise you anymore…), Nintendo of America has gone ahead and embraced a bit of news that has come down the line—evidently, earlier this month, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it is easing rules on the use of electronic devices during takeoff and landing of flights in the United States.

That’s great news for folks who want continue using their phones, tablets, eReaders, and of course, the 3DS.

And of course, with Nintendo’s recent partnership with Southwest Airlines, they’re all aboard with this announcement—and posting a ridiculously random Tweet to celebrate the FAA’s decision.

Why post this Tweet? Because it’s silly. Nintendo is silly. We like their silliness, or else we wouldn’t keep buying and playing their games. Seriously, a poutine hat on a Mii in Mii Plaza? That’s far weirder than a 3DS getting ready for takeoff…


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