First Trailer for LEGO: The Movie Game

LEGO, LEGO, LEGO… it’s everywhere! You’d think we’re obsessed with the stuff… except in game form. We’re getting more LEGO games these days than, it seems, anything else—and with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes just released last month, does anyone really have time to play all of these games?

Apparently we do, because it’s just about that time—time for The LEGO Movie Videogame, which you knew was coming soon enough. It’s a game based on a movie based on a toy… got that?

Now, unlike the actual licensed game versions featuring many of the characters that show up in this LEGO Movie / Game / Thing?, this version will have a bit more freedom as there are original characters with their own stories—interacting with familiar faces, of course.

We now have the first gameplay trailer from TT Games, so sit back and enjoy it—and get excited about another zany LEGO title to hit your consoles in 2014.

It’ll be available on the 3DS and Wii U (and other platforms), probably around the same time as the film, which releases in February.


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