Mega Man Board Game Kickstarter Campaign

Hey now! Here’s some interesting news for Mega Man fans! Jasco Games, after announcing in the summer its intentions to produce a Mega Man tabletop game, has launched its Kickstarter campaign for the game—and at the time of writing, with 37 days left to go in the campaign, it has already received double the initial funding goal.

The page for the game shows off the game, which is more or less a love letter to the Mega Man series, just written in the form of shiny tabletop goodness. The game can be played with 2-8 people, and each player on their turn moves Mega Man through various stages as the other players play the bad dudes to try and stop him from reaching his goals.

If the player gets to the end of their “stage”, there’s a “boss battle”… and the first to beat enough Robot Masters, get to Wily, and defeat him in an epic battle to the death wins the game!

And before you go jumping around about Capcom possibly shutting this one down, it’s going to be a fully licensed product, though the images and so forth still need to receive final approval from Capcom. There are plenty of donor rewards and stretch goal offerings, including a set of fully colorized game piece models if they reach $500,000.

Head to their page and check it out! 


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