Club Nintendo Updates for January

It’s about time, Club Nintendo! Doubtless many of you have been on the edge of your seats, waiting for something worthy to spend your coins on (since you couldn’t afford the Luigi statue and are now hanging onto a bunch of coins… am I right?).

Well, here we have some high-ranking Nintendo titles up for grabs—these are releases that did quite well critically, and some of this retro business may just send you into a nostalgia tailspin for a little while.

Check the list out below!

  • F-Zero – Wii U eShop (200 coins)
  • Game & Watch Mario’s Cement Factory – 3DS eShop (100 coins)
  • Spin Six – 3DS eShop (150 coins)
  • 1080? Snowboarding – Wii Shop (200 coins)

You’ll be able to grab all of these until February 9th. Pay special attention to where you can find these titles, as it’s specified that the final one there, 1080? Snowboarding, is in the Wii Shop (via the Wii U’s new Wii Mode) whereas F-Zero is in the Wii U eShop. Don’t get confused. Are you confused? We’re trying to help.

Now, go spend those coins!


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