Ace Attorney Collection Hitting Japan

Players new to the Ace Attorney series of games will be excited to hear that Capcom is releasing a special Ace Attorney collection for the 3DS, which will contain the first three games from the best-selling game series.

But don’t get too excited, because as of now, it’s only coming to Japan—hitting Japanese store shelves on April 17th, for just under ¥4,000. The games will remain more or less unchanged from their original forms—which existed prior to the 3DS technology—so the 3D screen will really only be used to provide some minor depth to the game.

English language options will be available, so that those fortunate souls who own a Japanese 3DS can import and enjoy the title before it’s released elsewhere.

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games—or, Gyakuten Saiban, if we’re being Japanese about it—began on the Game Boy Advance before heading to the DS. There has been a crossover game with Professor Layton, and the most recent Ace Attorney game was released last year, Dual Destinies.

If the collection makes its way across the seas for a western release, we’ll be sure to let you know.


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