EA Says Nintendo Was “Dead to Them” Quickly

Back in the early days of the Wii U’s announcement, EA was one of the very first publishers to jump on board and pledge their dedication to the new console, promising “unprecedented support”… which dissolved rapidly over time, dwindling down to absolutely nothing in 2014. In fact, the only contributions the Wii U saw from EA game in the first few months after the console’s release.

Now, it seems EA has entirely abandoned the system, and in speaking to CVG. a source from EA has revealed that this happened quite early on:

“Nintendo was dead to us very quickly. It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises.”

Of course, that makes us wonder why EA pledged early support in the first place, but it’s possible they saw dollar signs and anticipated another Wii-style across-the-board acceptance of a new Nintendo console. But, hard to say.


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