Castle Clout 3D This Thursday

Physics-based action game Castle Clout 3D is headed to North America’s 3DS eShop this week, thanks to Selectsoft and Teyon! Fans of Medieval weaponry and strategy will appreciate using a trebuchet to launch projectiles toward enemy castles… oh, wait. Aren’t we already doing something like that in a game?

With birds?

Well, yes and no. The style of gameplay isn’t anything new, and Angry Birds wasn’t the first game to use it either—so we can’t really complain of Castle Clout 3D being entirely derivative. In fact, CastleStorm for the Wii U is even more similar, and this new 3DS game has more of an action-based physics feel to it.

Prior to its 3DS release, Castle Clout was available on home consoles, but this version will have “new foes, special weapons, and a ‘hot seat’ multiplayer mode”—along with 150 levels and a custom castle builder.

We’ll see this bit of Medieval warfare arriving in the eShop on January 30th, for $4.99.



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