Nintendo Share Buyback Completed

Yesterday, we let you know about the potential buyback of shares belonging to heirs of Hiroshi Yamauchi’s estate. Mostly, this came about as part of the family’s concern over taxes that would apply to them due to the inheritance, and their expressed interest in selling appeared alongside Nintendo’s announcement that they’re planning to acquire up to 10 million of their own shares.

Late yesterday, more details emerged, in that the transaction would complete on February 4th on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Presently, the buyback has been completed, with 9.5 million shares purchased at a cost of ¥12,025 per share. This cost Nintendo ¥114 billion (about $1.1 billion USD), at about 7.4% of the company’s outstanding stock.

Nintendo now owns a little over 17% of its own “Treasury Shares,” and it was confirmed that Yamauchi’s heirs did sell some of their shares to the company—though we don’t know yet who did so, or what the amount of shares sold happened to be.

Nintendo is now able to work to increase their position on the TSE, as part of their ongoing efforts to revitalize the company during this year’s predicted downturn.


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