Lucky UK Happy Meal Diners Get Mario-ified

If kids around the world don’t know who Mario is yet, it’s about to happen—specifically in the UK, where marketing efforts have ramped up in Nintendo’s partnership with the world’s biggest fast food chain. Super Mario is heading into your child’s Happy Meal next month… but only if you live in the UK.

The overall-wearing plumber brother will be bringing along a batch of themed toy companions with him, and while we don’t yet know who or what they are, it’s not too hard to guess. That said, some may be sceptical at Nintendo’s efforts to market in conjunction with McDonald’s—is it really worthwhile?—it should be remembered that children have impressionable minds, and toys really can do the marketing they’re used for.

When it comes down to it, the toys are used to get the attention of kids, who then pressure their parents. That’s marketing, folks! And if you enjoy eating Happy Meals and you’re not a kid, well, this is even better news for you.

While we haven’t yet heard if this promotion will cross the waters into North America, we can keep hoping. It’s probably the right move from Nintendo UK, and considering Nintendo’s current market position, it would probably be the right move for other branches to get on board.


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