Nintendo’s “New to Wii U?” Guide

While we’ve seen flyer handouts in the past that explained the difference between the Wii and the Wii U, Nintendo knew it was time to try something a little different in 2014. They’ve got a number of strong major releases heading to the system, as well as updates and features that will enhance user experience (and making better use of the GamePad), so they want to make sure everyone understands exactly what this system has to offer.

Nintendo of Europe (and presumably other branches in the near future) has developed a guide to the Wii U, on a page called “New to Wii U? Learn more about your new console!” () . It’s full of links to information and support topics for the system, including Club Nintendo links, demo access, and pages for upcoming and existing games.

Folks on this page will also learn more about backwards compatibility, how to set up your Parental Consoles, and transferring data from your old Wii system.

Presumably, this page and info is designed to help prevent the Wii U from becoming a one-month “fad” purchase for folks, who buy, play, and then get bored and it sits around collecting dust.

If you know someone who has a new Wii U, they might appreciate being pointed to that page. And if you’ve been a Wii U owner for awhile, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out… you might learn something new.


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