Extended English Disney Magical World Trailer

In this winter of deep freeze and delayed games, it’s hard to find those upbeat, happy moments… but the good news is, this Disney Magical World trailer for the upcoming 3DS title is full of color and warmth.

The game was released in Japan last year as Disney Magical Castle: My Happy Life, and we brought you a Japanese trailer a little while back. The game has done quite well on the sales charts for a while now, with over a half million sales to its name. Now it’s time for the game to hit North America on April 11th.

Disney Magical World is similar to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with a Disney twist—you play as your Mii on vacation, without the bag search to get into the parks and the long lines at rides… and there’s quite a bit to do while you’re inside Disney! Fishing, decorating a café, picking flowers for famous friends, and boatloads of costume customization. If you like hunting ghosts, well… you can do that too!

This new trailer shows off aspects of the game we didn’t get to see in the Japanese trailer (like the ghost battling!), and the game certainly looks like it will be both fun and charming.

Check out the new trailer below!


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