New Reveals on Yoshi’s New Island

One of the many exciting things to come out of today’s Nintendo Direct presentation was new information on the upcoming 3DS title Yoshi’s New Island.

Set to release on March 14th in North America, the game will have some new gameplay features while maintaining a similar art style to the N64’s Yoshi’s Story.

Using ridiculously large and strong eggs, Yoshi will be able to unleash these ovo-bombs on the surrounding in-game environment and do some serious damage. If he does enough damage, he’ll receive a 1-UP… and if that’s not an excuse for mass destruction, I don’t know what is.

Star power-ups will also allow Yoshi to wall-run, fly, and smash through more landscape elements, leaving the area behind him a complete, hellish wasteland. Okay, so we don’t know if that last part is true, but with the amount of destruction this little creature is causing, it’s no wonder he had to abandon his previous island and find a new one to unleash on.

If you’re living in Europe, you get the treat of having a 3DS XL exclusive design (as far as we know, as it hasn’t been announced yet) for the game. Pricing details haven’t yet been released, but likely it will be comparable to previous special editions.


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