Could There Be Vehicles in the Next Skylanders Game?

The commercial success of the Skylanders game series is no secret—it’s found a winning formula of fusion video gaming with expensive plastic toys that kids (*cough* and some adults *cough*) can’t seem to stop collecting.

But how can Activision keep the game idea fresh from year to year? We’ve seen them do their best with this through larger toys in Skylanders Giants and through mix-and-match characters in Skylanders Swap Force… and apparently, Toys for Bob (the studio who came up with the original idea) has a concept for this year’s game that is being billed by Activision as a “game changer.”

What does that mean? Well, Mega Brands, owner of the Mega Bloks toys, has released some promotional images for a new series of Skylanders Mega Bloks toys that are heading onto store shelves in the very near future.

These images show Skylanders characters riding in vehicles (“ranger vehicles”, to be precise)—and while these might, of course, be specific to the toy line… could it be that the next Skylanders game will have these large vehicles? That would certainly change things up… and also hurt the wallets of parents around the world. There are a few new characters here too, which only adds to the speculation about these items.


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