Wii U Lifetime Sales in Japan Beat Out Xbox 360

Here’s some good news! The Wii U has hit a landmark in Japan, one that maybe shows a brighter future for Nintendo in the coming year. According to a few eagle-eyed folks on NeoGAF, the latest Media Create Japanese chart figures show that the Wii U’s lifetime sales have now overtaken those of the Xbox 360.

That’s quite indicative of how the Xbox 360 has plunged overseas, with last week’s sales for the console at 241 units—and that’s an increase from the previous week.

The Wii U has moved 1,643,095 units in Japan to date, around 1500 more than the Microsoft console.

What does this mean overall? It’s hard to say… but it’s one bright spot in the dismal news we received a few weeks ago, so we’ll take it.


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