Ballpoint Universe Rolls Onto Wii U This March

Even with all the downer news coming out almost daily about what’s happening with Nintendo and the Wii U, there’s one aspect of the system that is figuratively exploding week by week. The digital library content on the system is growing steadily, with many, many impressive games hitting the console. Plenty of indie developers seem to love what the Wii U has to offer them, and this pace doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.

One of the upcoming games for the Wii U is from Arachnid Games, bringing Ballpoint Universe to the console. It’s a side-scrolling shooter & platformer, and it’ll hit the system here in North America (Wii U eShop) on March 18th.

The game is, more or less, an adventure game with an artistic heart. The whole game is hand-drawn on paper, using—wait for it—a ballpoint pen. The hero of the game is a little drawn character named Doodle, whose epic fight is for the survival of creativity… ah, yes, the battle cry of underfunded Arts & Culture programs everywhere across Canada. (If you’re in the United States or elsewhere and you didn’t get that reference, it’s okay. Really.)

The trailer shows us a game that looks unique, fun, eerie, and compelling. Take a gander, and hug an indie developer while you’re at it.


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