Become a Cube Master This March

Next Thursday, you can finally live out your dream of becoming the world’s greatest cube master… wait, what do you mean that’s not your dream? Who cares! You can play this game anyway. Teyon, the Polish publisher, has collaborated with Fun Unit (Japan), to release Cube Tactics on the 3DS on March 13th.

Costing all of $4.99, the game will take you on an epic adventure to defeat evil and become the ultimate cube master. Sir Knight, cubes, and various other fighters will help you out on over 25 quests.

And if you need to prove to your friends that you really are the Ultimate Cube Master, you can check out the online multiplayer aspect… you can challenge up to 3 players at once, and be ranked on an international leaderboard.

Achievements in multiplayer will increase your battlefield abilities and your army’s power in combat.

And here’s the trailer:


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