Club Nintendo March Rewards

And here we are! Well over a week into March, and we finally have the updated rewards for Club Nintendo in North America.

There are two Virtual Console games, one WiiWare title, and one DSiWare title for your coin-redeeming pleasure.

–          Bonsai Barber (Wii Shop) – 250 coins

–          Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (3DS eShop) – 150 coins

–          Number Battle (3DS eShop) – 200 coins

–          Yoshi (Wii U eShop) – 200 coins

You can take advantage of these rewards until April 6th on the Club Nintendo rewards page. There are also some cute Animal Crossing 3DS pouches, so if the games aren’t your thing this month, check out the other rewards and see if anything strikes your fancy!


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