Nintendo’s eShop Indie Website

Anyone paying attention to Nintendo these days has certainly noticed the distinct focus on downloadable game titles, with eShops on the 3DS and Wii U receiving much more support, organization, and marketing efforts.

Nintendo of America is stepping up their own efforts now, with an indie “web portal” that directs consumers interested in various independent games to more information on the games and the downloads. There’s plenty there to make sure that an interested player knows what to do and what they’re getting, such as snapping a QR code off the website to be taken directly to the eShop purchase page on your system.

The web portal page has many, many links and information on notable games, as well as a detailed explanation on download purchases, where and how to purchase funds for the eShop, and more. The games featured up front on the page at this time are primarily for the 3DS (as well as upcoming titles), but we suspect this will change frequently based on interest and release dates.

This is hopefully a significant first step toward connecting the eShops and Nintendo Network IDs, which we all had to take the time to set up recently. Nintendo wants to improve our access to their content, so what we’re hoping (and what seems to be the buzz online from Nintendo fans) is that this might be a first step toward being able to use an off-hardware website such as this portal to purchase a game… that would then trigger an automatic download to the hardware in standby. Keeping our fingers crossed that it’s in the pipeline, as that would be a huge development in connectivity.

Take a look at the link we provided above—maybe you’ll find something new!


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