Club Nintendo Surveys Cut for DS and Wii

If you’re one of the folks out there still tapping away at your Wii and DS… come on, people. Get a move on. It’s time to upgrade! Nintendo tried really hard to prompt you to do so when they disconnected the online multiplayer Wi-Fi service on both systems, but for those who didn’t respond to a social-based approach… it’s time to try a different tactic.

These old-system hangers-on who also collect coins for Club Nintendo will need to reconsider their life choices, and soon. From April 7th and forevermore, you will no longer receive post-play surveys for Wii and DS games—that’s 10 coins you just can’t collect.

Look, it’s not us. Nintendo said it!

“Starting on April 7, 2014, any newly registered Nintendo DS or Wii games (both retail and digital copies) will continue to receive product registration surveys, but no longer be eligible for 10-coin post-play surveys. In addition, starting on April 7, the deadline to complete newly earned post-play surveys for all games will be 30 days after they are issued.”

So, stop moping and get to your nearest game store. Honest. You’ll be glad you upgraded. We promise.


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