Happy 20th Birthday, Super Metroid!

On this day in 1994, Super Metroid was released in Japan on the Super NES… a game that would provide many iconic images, experiences, and memories, and which endures as a powerhouse title in the collective gaming consciousness.

Yes, it was a 16-bit title, but Super Metroid (also called Metroid 3) had enormous impact in North America in particular. Back during this period, many of the action games available to player were made up of one gun battle after another, and Super Metroid demonstrated that it was possible to create a game with tension, little guidance, and a complex upgrade mechanic, while still delivering an epic gaming experience.

It could be played slowly, savoring the adventure, or sped through in less than an hour—and neither way was “right” or “wrong.” The soundtrack provided an atmospheric background to the game’s mood and experience—and even this music has endured through the decades to remain memorable to those who grew up in this era.

So, grab yourself a cupcake or two, raise it high… and then devour it while humming your favorite tune from the game and reminiscing about the days when boss fights really meant something.


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