“Edgy” Sonic Film Reportedly in Development

According to The Tracking Board, Columbia Pictures has confirmed the development of a dark, edgy, “skewed toward older audiences” movie adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s planned to be a partially animated (ie. part live-action, part animation) feature, to give the whole thing a heaping dose of “reality.”

SEGA and Original Films are financing the project, with producers and project execs already chosen and ready to go. The studio has shortlisted some writers they’re courting for the project, and there are some impressive names lined up—Brad Bird (“Wall-E,” “The Incredibles”) and Phil Johnston (“Wreck-It Ralph”) included.

This won’t be the first time Sonic has had his own motion picture—he had an animated film back in 1996, and a TV series in 1993. However, this upcoming project is supposed to bring a new slant to the character and his legacy, hopefully presenting a “grown-up” version of the hedgehog to the now-grown-ups who knew him back in his cutesy days.

It may also present the character to a new generation, and get them interested in Sonic games both present and past.

Yes, it may seem strange… but this is really happening. We’ll give you more news on the movie as it comes down the line.


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