Official End to Year of Luigi

It’s technically the first day of spring… but with that news is also the reality that it’s the end of an era. Er, or at least a year. Today, Shigeru Miyamoto brought the Year of Luigi to an official close with a post on Miiverse.

Miyamoto thanked fans for their support of Luigi over the past year, and he revealed a special page on the Nintendo website that patches together all of the best tributes left for the green-suited brother on Miiverse.

“Hi everyone, thanks so much for your warm comments for Luigi!

We selected a few of the comments and placed them on our website. Just select the internet browser icon or the link at the end of this post to go to the page and have a look!

Well, ahem…now, without further ado…

I hereby declare the Year of Luigi closed!

Thank you all so very much for your kind support over the course of the year!

Even though the Year of Luigi has come to a close, I hope you will continue to cheer on Luigi. Thank you!”

Luigi saw a number of games featuring him as the star—Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, New Super Luigi U, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team—and he held his own as a sidekick in other titles. We also had fun surprises throughout the year, including Luigi rewards on Club Nintendo, and the surprise eShop release Dr. Luigi.

While his year is technically over, we don’t imagine his place next to Mario will be overlooked anytime soon… or at least, not as much as it was. Not for a while, anyway.


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