Late-Night Maintenance May Disrupt Play Schedules

Sorry, night owls! If you were planning to spend some time late tonight or tomorrow playing online Mario Kart 7 races or hunting ghosts with a team of friends in Luigi’s Mansion, then we suggest you start planning something else to do.

There will be some North American maintenance on the 3DS system tonight and early in the morning, affecting online play, rankings, and all those fun online-based features.

The maintenance will be from around 10pm to 1am PST (Monday night through Tuesday morning), so it will likely be those of you living on the West coast who are most affected (until you East coasters really love to get your ‘Kart on at 3am).

If any incredible changes are made, we’ll let you know—but we imagine this is just some minimal routine maintenance that we won’t see a whole lot of evidence for from the front-end.


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