No Nintendo at PAX!

In a surprising bit of news for Nintendo fans heading to PAX East in April (11th-13th), a spokesperson for Nintendo has reportedly confirmed with Polygon ( that Nintendo has decided to forego having a presence at the Boston event this year.  This will be the first time since the exhibition’s 2010 inception in Boston that Nintendo has not had an official showing, which seems strange, considering their present need to get games in the hands of potential players:

“Interacting directly with our fans and letting them play our games firsthand is a key component of our approach. That doesn’t include PAX East this year, but we will offer our fans a variety of opportunities to get their hands on Nintendo products in 2014. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more information about where we’ll be and what you can play.”

Previously, attendees have been able to enjoy hands-on experiences with Nintendo’s games in the main expo hall, including Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pikmin 3, and LEGO City Undercover. Last year, fans were able to get a fun photo taken to promote the new LEGO game, and try out the 2DS.

However, if you recall, Nintendo didn’t offer a full-scale demo area at the latest E3 either, choosing instead to focus on smaller presentations with a more direct focus. That said, we’re not seeing any of that on the docket for PAX East.

In response to the announcement, Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham responded by letting fans of Nintendo-based indie games that they will welcome everyone to the ubiquitous handheld lounge, despite Nintendo’s official absence:


Nintendo fans will still be able to get their hands on many indie games for the systems (Renegade Kid is bringing five titles!), and there will be StreetPasses all over the darn place, as usual.

Nintendo Fire will be there to cover as many Nintendo-based events as humanly possible—and even if that doesn’t include an official Nintendo booth, we’re confident that we’ll be able to bring you many great previews and reviews of upcoming indie titles for the company’s systems.


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