Legend of Zelda DLC Comes to Sonic Lost World

Following suit in the weird match-ups category of DLC—we saw Sonic Lost World receive Yoshi’s Island DLC recently—tomorrow we’ll be enjoying some Wii U downloadable content in the form of Legend of Zelda themed gaming. If you have the game already, you’ll receive this for free. Yes, free!

The area is called “The Legend of Zelda Zone”, and you’ll see Sonic wearing Link’s signature tunic while performing some of his signature moves. Link will apparently make a cameo, which we suspect will get really confusing for him…

Despite the mixed reviews Sonic Lost World has received since its release, SEGA certainly hasn’t spared any effort when it comes to bringing Nintendo-themed content to keep players interested. We’ve seen Sonic in a lot of places recently, but we’re still a little sad that all the Sonic Lost World DLC isn’t available for the 3DS version.

Check out the trailer for the new zone here!


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