New Watch_Dogs Trailer Shows Off Chicago

A new trailer has been released by Ubisoft for the upcoming open-world, adventure title Watch_Dogs, and this one focuses on the city setting—and it’s mighty impressive. In the game, Chicago is based directly on the real-life city, with hundreds of NPCs doing their thing while you play through the game around them.

According to Ubisoft, Watch_Dogs has over 3,000 character kids and a “nearly infinite amount of unique profiler possibilities.”

Currently, Watch_Dogs is planned for a PC/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3/PS4 release on May 27th… and what about the Wii U? While originally the game was slated for a Wii U release, there’s been some uncertainty lately over whether it’s actually going to happen (as the game is currently delayed and being made by Ubisoft Romania), but if you look closely, the Wii U logo does appear at the end of the trailer.

So here’s hoping! Stay tuned and we’ll give you updates as we hear them!


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