Renegade Kid Kickstarter Launching in April

In news that surprises no one, Renegade Kid has announced their Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming console title! The campaign begins on April 2nd, and they’ve put a mysterious screen up on their website to get you hyped up for the official clicking of the “launch” button.

Renegade Kid is a familiar name for many Nintendo eShop frequenters, having had its most successful title—Mutant Mudds—released last year in the eShop (as well as on other platforms).  Other titles, such as Bomb Monkey and ATV Wild Ride 3D, have added to its name recognition as a developer and publisher of downloadable games.

Renegade Kid is also hard at work on a number of additional projects—some with release dates, others we’re still waiting on—both for their own company and for contract work. We’ll be seeing Moon Chronicles, Mutant Mudds 2, and Treasurenauts sometime in the future, so they have no shortage of games coming to Nintendo in the near future.

Kickstarter & Nintendo fans are likely to remember WayForward’s foray into the crowd-funding sphere of things, as the company previously used the platform to fund their development of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. So, it seems only natural that other well known developers are jumping on board—they’re dreaming big, but need some help to make it a reality.

We’ll find out on April 2nd exactly what it is Renegade Kid has up their sleeve!


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