Miiverse Browser Update

As part of Nintendo’s ongoing efforts to tweak and improve the Miiverse social network, a smaller update came yesterday for the browser-based (no, not Bowser-based, silly!) version. You’ll see a minor change on the start screen when you log in, but the more important part of the update is that more posts are visible to those who aren’t yet set up with a  Nintendo Network ID.

Here’s what was posted by Nintendo to confirm the update:

“There has been an update to the web version of Miiverse today.

1)    When you sign in to the web version of Miiverse, you will now be taken to the Communities screen, rather than the activity feed.

2) Previously, users who were not signed in with their Nintendo Network ID could only see a digest of popular posts from each community, but they can now view all of the popular posts, as well as the comments on those posts.”

The changes are minor, but it’s nice to see that those who don’t have an ID can still experience some of the Miiverse and the fantastic artwork that it spurs from the userbase of talented fans.


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